Explore a range of eclectic silver lockets at Glorietta Jewels. We provide pieces in heart, oval, round or fancy shapes. Our factory provides a myriad of styles, such as antique, modern engraved or unadorned simple beauties. We even provide those special pieces accented with sparkling cubic zirconia stones. In conclusion, whatever the locket style you are looking for, you will find it here with Glorietta Jewels. If you are interested in our 925 Sterling Silver products, do not hesitate to contact us for more information.  We are always at your service regarding any questions, quotes, and orders. Why not contact us today via a call or email? We are here in Bangkok and always willing to respond to your requests.
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Lockets from Glorietta Jewels

The Glorietta Jewels locket collection is a myriad selection of delightful shapes, sizes, and styles perfect for encapsulating that special memory to be kept close to the heart.

People have been wearing lockets for centuries as tokens and mementos to commemorate special occasions or a beloved relationship. Lockets, with their hidden compartments worn on a necklace or bracelet, are intrinsically personal and intimate. They have been used to contain keepsakes, good luck charms, and even perfumes. There are even stories of secret societies and revolutionaries using lockets to deliver hidden messages! Today, people mainly keep images or photographs of loved ones in their lockets.

An Extensive Catalogue of Lockets

Glorietta Jewels boasts an extensive catalogue of lockets, expertly manufactured at our facility in Thailand. From elegantly classic to beautifully modern, you will find the perfect locket to suit your style. You can choose from simple, unadorned hearts and ovals or from ornately engraved circles and octagons, and everything in between. Our lockets come in a variety of sizes ranging from a delicate 20 mm up to a substantial 37 mm, with options for holding one or up to eight pictures.

Featuring the highest quality 925 sterling silver, we also offer special pieces, accented with sparkling cubic zirconia. Beyond our wide-ranging catalogue, we can also transform bespoke designs into silver loveliness, creating a tangible treasure from your imagination. Using the latest technology in design, moulding, and manufacturing, combined with the deft skills of our extremely talented artisans, we will ensure your order is fulfilled beyond your expectations for quality and customer service.

Experts In Wholesale Jewellery Design

We are experts in wholesale jewellery design and manufacturing, with a reputation for the best quality and high customer satisfaction. Call or email us today – We will be more than happy to help with any questions about designs, prices, and orders. Shine brighter with Glorietta Jewels.