Rings (Exclusive)

Explore our exclusive rings designs by Glorietta Jewels (Thailand's best Sterling Silver Jewellery Manufacturers). Our exclusive rings are crafted with your customers in mind. We offer the latest trends, classic styles and top-quality designs. We offer a wide range of exquisite rings carefully crafted in quality 925 Sterling Silver. Furthermore, they are manufactured to the highest of standards and quality in Thailand. If you are interested in such fine 925 Sterling Silver products, kindly contact us now. We will always be at your service regarding any questions, quotes, and orders.


Glorietta Jewels exclusive rings are elegant and fashionable, however, to some, they may end up having a particular significance. In the modern era, a ring may be a symbol of compatibility, friendship and love. It may just be a fashionable item that incorporates new trends or emphasizes the cultural identity of the person wearing. But to most, they are admired for their Beauty and high-quality. Glorietta Jewels rings are therefore the perfect opening touch to build your stylish picture.

When Glorietta Jewels manufacture rings, we take as much care and attention in the design as if they were for our fingers. Glorietta Jewels has a long tradition in ring production, they are all designed in-house by expert designers. If you are interested in buying fashionable, high quality 925 Sterling Silver rings, please feel free to contact us for further information.

Our Exclusive collections are exactly that, exclusive. You won’t find these designs anywhere else in Thailand. building a collection of these striking rings will take no time at all, and no matter your customer, you will have the exact right accessory for every occasion.

Glorietta Jewels offers different styles of exclusive rings:

  • Cocktail Rings
  • Couple Bands
  • Cluster Rings
  • Stylish Rings

Glorietta Jewels exclusive rings have the potential to show the individuality of women and pull out the best features while wearing the right jewelry for the right occasion.