1. Overview
                2. Low cost silver jewellery Bangkok: Helpful Tips
                3. Where to buy High Quality Silver in Bangkok?
                4. How to bargain when buying Quality Silver Jewelry?


Just like the UAE, many tourists associate with diamonds, Switzerland with expensive watches, and China with silk, Thailand for many people became the “Silver Mecca.” From here people bring jewellery, original souvenirs and interior items from this metal. Why has silver become one of the main shopping sites in Bangkok Thailand? In the world of silver, there are various classifications according to which lunar metal is divided into species depending on the place of extraction, purpose and nature of the treatment. An invariable characteristic of quality silver is a sample showing the ratio of pure metal to other constituents.

A distinctive feature of is the nature of its processing. Despite the popularity of crafts in antiquity, most of the products from it are still handmade. This makes them exclusive. Buying such a product, you can be sure that it is one of a kind.

A highlight of Thai products is the use of several precious stones in the inlay. Passed from generation to generation skill of local jewellers skillfully combine precious stones and silver in inexpressible patterns and patterns makes their works outstanding.

Tourists and businessmen arrive every month to Bangkok in search of silver jewellery, as this city is considered to be the best place in the world to find quality silver jewellery at a low price that allows them to resell it in other parts of the world with a wide margin of earnings or profits.

Fans of products from the lunar metal have their preferences: someone likes sparkling white sterling silver, someone prefers the blackened with alloys, some are delighted with one kind of delicate patterns of filigree products.

In all resort towns in Thailand, tourists are offered a wide range of products, but the prices for them are inflated and indeed rare items there usually do not fall. If you do not plan to go to northern Thailand, it is quite far and will take a lot of time, then it is better to buy jewellery products in official shops or factories at Bangkok, where they are brought during excursions. In this case, you are more likely to buy a quality product.

Low cost silver jewellery Bangkok: Helpful Tips:

Buying in large stores, you can protect yourself against forgery. The silverware is somewhat more expensive in them because the cost provides for the possibility of returning the goods and receiving the amount paid in full or minus 30%. If you are willing to take a risk and buy from a hand or in a small shop, the cost of silver jewellery will start from 300 baht, and if in the mall, it will start from 500 baht.

In large department stores, you can pay with a card, which saves much money, because, for withdrawal of cash at ATMs in Bangkok, you must pay a commission of 150 baht. The peculiarity of trade in Bangkok can be described as “bargaining is appropriate.” Fixed prices exist only in large jewellery stores, shopping centres; in small shops, the declared price can be reduced by 20-30%.

Buying a product from silver, it is useful to ask about the possibility of a return, a certificate and a guarantee. And if a refund is not always provided, the certificate and guarantee are necessarily issued for each purchase. Having discussed all these conditions in advance, you can avoid unprofitable purchases and problems with the passage of customs control. And, of course, a check, without which the remaining documents will be invalid.

If you follow these simple rules, buying silver in Thailand will bring only positive emotions.

Where to buy High Quality Silver in Bangkok?:

Frequent visitors to Bangkok, arriving here to buy Quality Silver Jewelry, first of all, are rushing to visit the touristy Khao San Road. It is there that presents the richest in Bangkok a selection of silver products at wholesale prices. And in different stores prices are different, and sellers try to lure the client juicier, rather than a competitor, a discount. That means you should not rush to make a purchase, it is better to go through several shopping outlets and compare prices and discounts.

The area that encompasses Silom Road south of Lumpini Park, which extends to Bang Rak where the famous Oriental Hotel is located and which culminates in the interior of Chinatown, is called Yaowarat would be the place to buy high quality wholesale silver jewelry. This location is dotted with silver jewelry wholesalers and stone cutting workshops.

You will be able to get there by Hua Lamphong MRT station or Surasak BTS station where you want to go. Most stores have a large space dedicated to silver jewelry stores. These stores are aimed at customers who prefer to invest in one or two pieces, and their prices are generally lower to the fact that they may not necessarily pay the retail price.

Some examples are the Mahboonkrong Mall (MBK) positioned towards the National Stadium BTS Station, in addition to the central division of the retailers with a lot of branches throughout Bangkok, where the prices are more expensive, but you can see more modern jewelry as opposed to the exotic or intricate designs discovered in Chinatown. The Palladium Planet Buying mall, formerly the Pratunam Center, is usually a large shopping mall with somewhat wide streets with its low price levels dedicated to the silver jewelry wholesalers. Moreover, located within the area of Pratunam, Palladium shopping center is actually a quick ride or motorcycle taxi north side of Chit-Lom BTS Station.

The electronic shopping center Panthip Plaza and the Pratunam clothing mecca are located nearby, it’s worth going in case you have the time. Further away from the city center at the northern terminus of its Sky train system known as the Mochit Station where you can find the Chatuchak market. The largest weekend marketplace in the world, Chatuchak provides not only silver jewelry but a large assortment of wares including wood carvings, antiques and Thai handicrafts. If you consider that the price range of an item is too high, try to negotiate the value or ask for any discount if you buy the larger one.

Chatuchak Weekend Market is another place where you can find inexpensive silver in Bangkok. The kiosks of the shopping complex mainly trade in ornaments made in ethnic style. Next to it is the same name park Chatuchak, which gives both Thai people and tourists a relaxing holiday on the grass or on a catamaran.

And the best online silver store from Thailand, no doubt, ELF 925 is well-known far beyond Thailand, the supplier works, including with foreign customers, for which there is a separate translated version of the virtual showcase with descriptions of positions and their photos.

Act to your taste if you choose souvenirs in Bangkok for loved ones or replenish your own collection of jewelry. Another thing is with the choice of silver for the subsequent retail sale of jewelry. Fashion for earrings, rings, bracelets, pendants, earrings for piercing and much more changes every season. But one thing that you really need to know is that you can buy all these silver jewelry products at low costs.

In addition to the relevance of the purchased jewelry, the retailer should also care about how much the Wholesale Silver Jewelry costs in Bangkok and which party he will be able to buy with the available money. Thai sellers are no less than Arabs, they like to bargain. In any trading tent, you can bargain yourself up to 20% savings, and with the growth of the purchased lot, the discount will also grow. Therefore, you need to carefully choose a store for purchase, in order to buy everything and in one place, and on the whole, save up to 50% of the figure indicated on the original price tag.

How to bargain when buying Quality Silver Jewelry?:

In Bangkok, you need to bargain gently and politely. Start with trying to negotiate 15-20% of the original price, without insulting the seller with persuasion to sell $10 worth of jewelry for $1. When the trader is ready to give in, decide to increase the amount for which you buy jewelry, which usually leads to another 10-15% discount from the seller.

But keep in mind that no one will give you a price for minimum purchases. Some merchants even warn that the minimum purchase in their shop is only released from an amount of 3000 baht. This does not mean that one pair of earrings will not be sold to you, just do not be surprised, but you will have to pay for them the price that is indicated on the price tag, without concessions. And when buying for a thousand dollars, on the contrary, the seller himself will offer to negotiate a discount, for this purpose he will escort you to the meeting room, and there it will be possible to discuss all the details in a leisurely manner.

In conclusion, we have discussed many of the best-known places to buy silver jewelry in Bangkok. They range from bargain prices to the highest price, for luxury pieces, silver jewelry stores to the little that you discover will make you fall in love and you can buy for personal use or start a good business. For those who know what they are looking for, there is a precise retailer or wholesaler in Bangkok who will have the kind of silver jewelry you may need.