Tips for Buying Silver Jewellery Online

Sterling silver jewellery shines brilliantly and looks great on you. And part of the fun of buying silver jewellery is trying it on. But sometimes you have to buy online. Either for a better deal or because you can’t get to the store that has what you want. The internet offers so many different options for silver jewellery! Regardless, you can still have an excellent purchase experience if you follow a few simple silver jewellery online shopping tips.

Understand Silver Jewellery Measurements

The size or length of silver jewellery may not matter for earrings, but they do matter for most other pieces. Don’t rely on what the picture looks like. Keep a ruler or measuring tape handy. And pay attention to whether they’re using inches, centimetres, or millimetres. There’s a big difference between them! Of course, you can always return your purchase for a different size, but who wants to wait?

Measure your favourite items for a comparison. Or cut a piece of string to match the item online and try it for size. You don’t want that bracelet falling off your wrist or that necklace to be too long or short. Especially if you want to show off a fabulous pendant or trinket! As for rings, be aware there are different size scales (see table). Whether you use a ring sizer or measuring tape on your finger, you may want to warm your hands to room temperature. Your fingers do expand and contract in heat and cold, which may affect ring size.

Using models allows you to display your jewellery “in action”. This could be ideal if you’re planning on selling because viewers get an idea of what pieces will look like when worn. But if you’re not a professional, you may want to stick to white backgrounds for your silver jewellery photos. As with patterns, models may distract more than highlight your jewellery. An errant freckle, oddly shaped manicures – any blemish could sully your item’s impact.

Is it 925 Silver and from a Reputable Source?

Sterling silver is the most common type of silver jewellery. It is sturdier than pure silver while still maintaining the superlative qualities of the metal. Sterling silver should be authenticated with a 925 hallmark. The hallmark indicates that the metal is an alloy of 92.5% silver and 7.5% of other metals, such as nickel or copper. This is usually stamped inside the band of a ring or bracelet. Or on a necklace clasp or at the back of the pendant.

While the hallmark should guarantee the silver’s quality, you still need to be wary. Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous people out there ready to take your money. Double check the site you’re shopping on. Maybe contact them and ask some questions. Find out about their returns policy. There’s no reason not to shop for silver jewellery online, but you can still take some care to ensure that you’re getting the quality you are paying for.

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