How to take beautiful photographs of your silver jewellery

Your silver jewellery is the highlight of your collection. Capturing that beauty in photographs allows you to share your sparkling pieces with others. Whether you are showing off on social media or marketing for sale on an e-commerce site, you want your silver jewellery to be seen in the best light.

Most mobile devices today come equipped with extremely high-quality cameras, so there’s often no need for professional photography equipment. But there are a few tips to keep in mind so that your silver jewellery looks fantastic in every shot.

Best background for sterling silver? White? Black?

Some may think that backgrounds are not important. But you do not want to distract viewers from your gorgeous silver jewellery! Black may seem ideal as a contrast to the bright silver glimmer, but white is actually better. Focus remains on your piece(s), and white is easier to touch up, whether by hand or using a photo editing app or tool. Furthermore, if these pics are for a third-party website, you may find difficulties uploading them if they have a black background. If you insist on black to highlight your jewellery, then you should use a black mannequin, bowl, or patch. But then have a white background behind that staging.

How about patterns? And models?

Patterns could be beautiful and create an interesting image, but does that background highlight your sterling silver jewellery better? Or does it distract from what should be the centre of attention? Don’t let those creative inspirations distract you from the point of these pictures!

Using models allows you to display your jewellery “in action”. This could be ideal if you’re planning on selling because viewers get an idea of what pieces will look like when worn. But if you’re not a professional, you may want to stick to white backgrounds for your silver jewellery photos. As with patterns, models may distract more than highlight your jewellery. An errant freckle, oddly shaped manicures – any blemish could sully your item’s impact.

Lighting shows off your silver’s sparkle. And smudges.

You probably don’t need professional lighting equipment, but you do need to ensure that you’ve lit your shots properly. You want your silver jewellery to sparkle. So, don’t ruin the photo with reflections that divert attention or distorts what the item looks like in reality. Consider using more than one light source to cancel out reflections. Also, you can position a white cardboard or sheet (there’s white being helpful again!) to soften the lighting.

And if you’re going to go through all this trouble, make sure every piece you’re photographing has been cleaned and polished! Your jewellery is the star, so you should make sure every ring, necklace, bracelet is shining to perfection.

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