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Common Types of Silver

  • Step 1- Designing and Creation of CAD file from the Computer
  • Step 2- Manufacturing
  • Step 3- Wholesale manufacturing
  • Step 4 - Shipping


Silver Jewelry is rapidly becoming trendier than diamond, gold, and other jewels in luxury jewellery. It has its own symbolic value and significance in life. Likewise, there are various benefits of silver. For instance, it has good health properties, which are used across culture and time.

It is no surprise that silver jewellery is aesthetically beautiful and affordable than other types of jewellery available in the market. Before providing you with a thorough explanation of the steps involved in the making of silver jewellery, let us give you an appetizer regarding the manufactures of silver jewellery in Bangkok and how they present their amazing designs to the world.

Silver Jewelry Manufacturers in Bangkok:

Bangkok is an art-driven city! It is well-known for its cultural values, fashion, and ornaments. Since there are many vendors and wholesale dealers in the city of Bangkok that deal in silver jewelry, it is likewise very important to mention the most “sophisticated” name in the market, which is none other than Glorietta Jewels Bangkok, Thailand.

Silver Jewelry Designs in Bangkok:

The manufacturers in Bangkok use vintage as well as the latest cutting edge technological tools to produce the best and high-quality silver jewellery. These manufacturing companies have qualified professionals who utilize both handcraft techniques and machines in order to produce better designs, enhanced polish procedure, and eventually beautiful silver jewellery pieces.

In Bangkok, you will find numerous silver jewellery designs that have different prices ranging from expensive to competitive to cheap prices. In addition, such designs, most often, reflects the arts and culture of Thailand. Handmade silver is famous for its aesthetics, artistic, and creative work. The handmade silver jewellery attracts thousands of foreign visitors from all over the world who commute in the congested markets of Bangkok to buy these beautiful jewels.

So, if you are looking for both homemade and machine-made silver jewellery of high quality and class, we recommend you to visit Glorietta Jewels, Bangkok, Thailand.

Common Types of Silver

Following are the COMMON types of silver:

  • Fine .999 Silver
  • Coin silver
  • Argentium silver
  • Nickel silver

Steps Involved in Making Silver Jewelry

Step 1- Designing and Creation of CAD file from the Computer

As far as designing silver jewellery is concerned, the most important thing is coming up with a creative idea. The idea originates in the mind of an individual who then brainstorms, works hard, to make it a reality.

Using CAD softwareComputer-aided design (CAD) software is a designing and drafting technology. Jewellery manufacturers use CAD for automatic designing of their manual concept drawn on paper with accuracy and better design. CAD software users design their idea very carefully with precision and accuracy.
It is up to the buyers to give ideas of their desired design before designers run it through CAD. After receiving the design requirements from the customer, designers draw multiple curves, lines, 2D and 3D possibilities of all types of angles.

There are many designing software like:

  • 2D CAD
  • 3D CAD
  • 3D Design
  • Rhino
  • Jewel CAD
  • Matrix
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Type Edit

After the completion of designing and simulating, designers send their CAD file to the customers for the approval of the design.

Once the customer approves jewellery design, he/she buys it.

Once the designer has completed the design of the jewellery, it is sent to the manufacturing unit of the company. Some manufacturing factories have their own designing department where qualified CAD professionals and graphic designers work collaboratively to make sophisticated designs. In addition, it is important to know that when the design is provided to the manufacturers, they hold the responsibility for the manufacturing and molding process. In this way, cutting edge technology and machinery are utilized to bring the design into reality.

Step 2- Manufacturing.

The process of manufacturing usually involves multiples steps. These steps include molding, initial and final polishing, and quality control. If you are interested in knowing the manufacturing process, read on!

1. Rapid prototype and model making
  • After the CAD design, the file is transferred to a 3D rapid prototype system. This system utilizes direct lighting projection technology.
  • Using the 3D rapid prototype system (RPT), a resin model is created.
  • Using the casting process, the resin model from the RPT system is then converted into a silver model.
  • The silver model is copied to make many similar pieces of silver jewellery.
  • Moulding helps to create multiple pieces of silver jewellery. The mould will be there forever, and we can create replicas in the future which makes it even more important.
  • There a lot of materials used for mould making like metal, silicon, natural rubber.
  • “VULCANIZING” is the mould making process.
2. Waxing process
  • This process involves the utilization of rubber mould to produce wax pieces. The technicians place the rubber mould on the commercial wax machine injector. At the same time, they carefully inject the molten wax pressure.
  • Treeing is the process of soldering the wax pieces on a wax stem.
3. Casting process
  • Then, putting the wax tree in a flask is then filled with a slurry of chemical powder which solidifies in an hour.
  • Heating the flask in a furnace, melts the wax leaving a cavity of the tree.
  • The molten metal cools down, then demolished to reveal the jewellery in the casting form.
4. Grinding, Filing, and Assembly
  • After removing the gold nub using the monetarize grinding machine, the final polishing is done by holding the piece against a grinding spinning wheel with care to achieve a very smooth surface without any scratch.
  • They remove the casting layer by using the different set of tools like files and burns.
  • It gives a very smooth finish to the surface.
  • Finally, two or more pieces are joint together with the help of the solder of the laser.
5. Polishing and Metal Setting
  • The polishing process offers a very neat finish and increases the overall value of the piece.
  • There are three types of polishing; tumbling, pre-polishing and finally ultra-cleaning.
  • The METAL setting is an act of attaching the gemstone in the jewelry.
  • They apply Multiple types of a setting to carefully place the gemstone accurately in the jewellery.
6. Final Polishing
  • In the final polishing, the jewellers add extra shine and lustre to the entire jewellery to make it more engaging and eye-pleasing.
  • Jewellers mostly use hand polishing (manually) rather than machines to achieve a more delicacy but machines are also feasible, in the end, it is up to the jeweller to choose either.
7. Finally, the Rhodium Plating
  • Rhodium is basically a very precious sparkling white metal.
  • The white reflective appearance is achieved when jewellery is plated with rhodium.
  • It is a process of adding whiteness to the jewellery.

Step 3- Wholesale manufacturing

Once the design and manufacture of the silver jewellery sample are completed, the next step is to send the sample to the client for approval. After the approval, the products are supplied to the wholesale shops. Buyers from all around the world visit Thailand and particularly to the capital city “Bangkok” to buy quality silver jewelry. If you are looking to wholesale silver jewellery, then “Bangkok” is your “go-to” place.

Step 4 - Shipping

The final step of the process is the shipment of the product(s) to the wholesale shops in Bangkok or abroad. So, if you are a local customer or wholesale dealer, our company will send you the cargo through local transport. If you are a foreigner, then we will send you the shipment via FedEx, which is a global shipment company.

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